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Ambush event!

SU-85 ''Marucha'' / Feb 18, 2016
Hello folks!

This weekend I would like to try to host the first ''event'' as we aren't so many, and divided on numerous games, hard to make somethin big scale and all written up. So I will tr to hold training rooms of (insert tank game name here).

I would also start the first combat RP event, as it's quite about the time for such. A thread will be up tomorow morning with the details of the battle, but expect a ambush mission :P. This will be taken ''free style'', since my accident my mood ain't so good and that I'm a bad RPer, so I won't come in and tell you what to do, this will be your task to make a plan as a team! Just remember to leave fun for everyone and that being Top Gun won't get you more milk back at base!



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