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For discussing gameplay tips and tricks.
For discussing how to seize victory on the high seas and littoral waters, Sea Power!
For discussing how to git gud with your pet tank.
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For discussing the latest in aerobatics and aviation know-how. Oh right, there's ground forces too.
For discussing a every trick in the book, it's only business.
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Armored Warfare Ammo type lil' guide!

At the popular demand, here's a little guide for ammo types and use in Armored Warfare!APAP (BLUE) is the classic shell type you must always carry. Highest pen, medium damage, if you don't pen, you will not with any other types. If at early tiers,...
Small SU-85 ''Marucha'' 1y
SU-85 ''Marucha''1143Small SU-85 ''Marucha'' 1y
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