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Here is where people can submit a proposal for a new roleplay. As part of a proposal, please elaborate on not only the setting but also intended genre and tone, whether there is an overarching plot or if it will be character-driven, and any considerations players should have in making their characters among other things.
These are subject to editing by the poster as pitches are discussed in Discord, this thread is only for proposals.

Examples of things to include-
-Single or multi-character RP?
-Are characters from a specific demographic (mecha musume schoolgirls, elite special forces, draftees, volunteers, vagabonds, etc.) that ought to factor into their personality or abilities?
-Is the genre a war story or military-themed slice of life (if the latter, how strictly military)?

Girls Frontline
Setting: 22nd century Earth.

Genre: War story, private military company

Characters: Tactical Dolls (T-Dolls) combat gynoids data-linked to firearms that have largely supplanted conventional soldiers. Utilized by PMCs, they require rations, ammunition, and technical personnel for their operation and upkeep. T-Dolls are data-linked to a single firearm which can be a machine gun, rifle, assault rifle, submachine gun, handgun, or shotgun. While they can use other weapons, their performance will suffer (to the level of a well-trained soldier rather than a super-soldier).

Plot: During the early 22nd century, robotic technology became more widespread and 1st generation T-Dolls gradually replaced soldiers on the battlefield and security personnel. Second generation T-Dolls gained data-linking and greater independence, equaling or surpassing special forces.
The largest PMC, Sangvis Ferri, attempted to maintain its edge against upstart Griffon & Kryuger (with their 2nd gen T-Dolls) by linking their Gen 1 T-Dolls with a central AI. This was a bad idea. The AI went rogue and killed off all of SV's human personnel with its army and now threatens what little remains of mankind.
GK must now pick apart SV's vast army by striking key infrastructure across the globe.

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A stalker RP... or something post apoc?
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